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Children of Divorce

Children of divorce. Young girl reads to her Teddy bearCHILDREN & DIVORCE IN CT

Children are entitled to the support they need, both financial and emotional, from both of their parents.

Children are first and foremost in any family and, likewise, in any divorce.    In Dissolution of Marriage actions where there are minor children, the Court will ultimately enter orders for parenting time and for the financial support of the children; these orders will reflect the parents’ agreement, and absent an agreement the court will enter orders after a hearing and consideration of the best interest of the children. In Connecticut, there is a presumption in favor of joint legal custody where parents continue to make decisions about the health, welfare and education of the children by mutual agreement.   As a result of their education, training and experience our attorneys are mindful of the needs of children involved in a redefining family and assisting their clients in establishing parenting plans in the family’s best interest.



Each parent will be responsible for a portion of their children’s support.

The amount of support each is responsible for is guided by the State of Connecticut Child Support Guidelines established by the State Legislature.  Many factors are considered under the Child Support Guidelines including the net income of each parent, the number of minor children, medical and child care costs and special needs of the children.  Although the amount set forth in the child support guidelines is a “presumptive amount” there may be reasons to deviate from that amount in certain cases.  Child support orders may also include requirements that one or both parents provide health insurance for the children, child care payment and orders for post-secondary education, such as college or vocation training.   The attorneys at Rubin & Eldrich, P.C. will work for you to ensure that fair child support orders are entered that protect your interests and those of your children.