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The attorneys involved in your case mutually choose a third party to facilitate negotiations and reach resolution of disputed issues related to dissolution of marriage action.

If parties are represented by attorneys, and have reached an impasse with regards to any issues related to the dissolution of marriage action, they may choose to enter into discussions with a mutually chosen third party with expertise in facilitating negotiations and reaching resolutions to the outstanding issues.  This procedure is not part of the official court litigation process; however, the Court will allow a reasonable time-frame during which the Private Master Resolution proceedings may occur.   The parties may agree that all oral and written communications made to the Private Master by them and/or their respective attorneys while participating in the process be privileged and inadmissible as evidence in the Court proceeding.   The Private Master is able to meet for extended periods of time with the parties and their lawyers in order to facilitate direct negotiation and dispute resolution.  The Private Master is usually an experienced family or matrimonial law practitioner.  Private Special Mastering, as this process is called, is best done when the case has been prepared after all financial discovery is completed.

Ask your attorney about working with Rubin & Eldrich, P.C. for Private Special Mastering Services.