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Collaborative Divorce

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Collaborative Divorce Services in CT

Collaborative Divorce - putting the pieces of the puzzle togetherCollaborative Divorce in Connecticut

Divorce disputes can be resolved successfully by a team approach.

The collaborative process is another form of “Alternative Dispute Resolution” used to avoid litigation of divorce issues. In this process each client has their own lawyer to advise them about the law of divorce and to aid them in the negotiation process.

To ensure that the collaborative process remains a litigation-free process, the parties and the lawyers make a pledge not to seek court intervention on disputed issues.

Collaboratively trained lawyers and the clients obtain and review financial records and documents through transparent financial disclosure to arrive at a mutually agreed and accepted statement of income, assets, and liabilities of the parties.

As necessary, neutral financial experts join the team approach to provide expertise on asset valuation and to aid in the discussion of the financial impact of proposed settlement alternatives.

In some cases the team may add a family coach professional to facilitate discussions to assure a respectful and non-adversarial environment in which to work. If necessary, the family coach professional will also aid in the development of a parenting plan in the best interest of the children and the redefined family.