The attorneys at Rubin & Eldrich, P.C. practice exclusively in the areas of family and matrimonial law. They are all experienced in working on various forms of family law matters including complex, high-net worth cases, prenuptial, postnuptial and cohabitation agreements. Each attorney focuses on reaching a favorable settlement for their clients, but each is an accomplished litigator should your case require resolution by trial.

We understand that the decision to end your marriage, whether made together by you and your spouse or made by just one of you, creates stress and somtimes conflict. If you have accurate information about the divorce process and your rights and responsibilities, you will be able to navigate the process with confidence.

There are many important decisions to make in a divorce, as well as in other cases involving family matters. A primary decision is who to hire as your attorney. Choosing an attorney who is experienced in family and matrimonial law is extremely important. The attorneys at Rubin & Eldrich, P.C. have decades of experience, are strong advocates, negotiators and litigators. The firm’s attorneys have reputations for achieving positive results for their clients whether through negotiations or after trial. The firm is also well-­known for providing personal attention to their clients, and attention to their cases. All of the firm’s attorneys are thorough, constructive and prepared.

Although no attorney can tell you what the outcome of your case will be, a general evaluation of your case is possible. You should make an appointment to meet with one of our attorneys for an initial consultation. The firm’s attorneys are also experienced in resolving cases through “Alternate Dispute Resolution” such as Mediation, Arbitration or through the Collaborative Law process. At your initial consultation, we will discuss these options with you.

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To make an appointment with one of the attorneys, contact the firm at (203)821­-3023.

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